I do visits to Historical Associations, School and Libraries,

Local Societies, Writer Groups.

I give talks to Adults or Children on

History (particularly the Anglo-Saxon Era/ Dark Ages and the Great Fire of London)- Science Fiction and Fantasy -Creative Writing - Self Publishing.

Typical fee £30 for an hour

Full fees lower down page


Groups and Societies: Here are some references:

Thanks again for the coffee morning talk (on Life in AD 600), it was enjoyed for all. We had a lot of very positive comments from our group.

Val Cotterill Frankley Library


Thanks for doing the talk. I think it was a great success. I am confident in saying that everyone got a lot out of it. I am willing to provide a reference or whatever so pass on my email details to anyone concerned.

Ned Williams Gornal Active Retirement group

More references

Just wanted to say thank you once again for a great afternoon.  Never have I seen Literature, Creative Writing, Science, History, Physics and Drama in one lesson!

Many many thanks Gail Baker-Jones Library Officer, Coleshill School.


Many thanks for the session last night at Cubs.  They certainly had fun dressing up and handling the weapons! Wylde Green Cubs


Thank you for your day, the students had a great time. It is a pleasure to recommend you.
~Alison Wood Windsor High School and Sixth Form Halesowen June 2011


Penny Keskinkillinc at St Peters RC School Solihull

Thank you so much for two lovely sessions Richard, the pupils really enjoyed them and  we are really grateful.



Below: Pictures of the Anglo-Saxon session:


Below: Time Travel talk and CReative Writing

Creative Writing Workshop Use of Props and interactive items


Children can try on costumes I will talk about History and I will talk about Time Travel


Richard Denning school visit

(Left side image taken at Wylde Green School, Right hand image at Lincoln Book Fair by
Ros Jackson of )


Visit the Gallery (or click on left side image above) for images
from my visit to Wylde Green School in March 2011.


Many thanks for your very informative and fun talk and presentation, the students are talking about it today. Your hard work and effort was very much appreciated by us all. Everyone has advised me that it was good and they all enjoyed themselves.

John Henry Newman Catholic College, Chelmsey Wood


"A great author with an enthusiastic personality came into our school,
he got us fascinated about science-fiction. Looking at several books about
the topic made us enjoy it too. We are definately going to buy one of his
exciting books! He even had us joining in and we had a lot of fun learning.

~ Pupil at Wylde Green School March 2011



I am willing to visit your school, Library, association or group

Schools: I have several presentations designed to be entertaining and thought

provoking for children of ages circa 8 and upwards. The talks use props and costume and involve interactive activities by the children. They can be ammended to fit the age group.The talks are intended to fit into World Book Day and other activities.


Adult groups: I am happy to come and talk about the following subjects for your group.


Duration - can be adjusted but will be circa 60 -75 minutes. Events typically consists of talks, readings, discussions and activities:


What was life like in AD 600? What was life like for the incoming Anglo-Saxons who founded Mercia and Birmingham? What did they wear, eat, and grow? How did they fight and what did they believe in? Aimed at Schools doing Saxons, Historical Associations and adult groups. This is my specilaist area.


The Fury of the Northmen I can adapt the above talk to look at time in Viking England - again using props and artefacts.


Time travel sounds like fun until you try it! The fascination of time travel and why it could be more dangerous than you think! A rattle through Time Travel in book and movie, the science of Time Travel and its dangers. Includes readings from Tomorrow's Guardian. Ideal for Years 5 to 6.


A warrior in Anglo Saxon England . Looking at weapons and also beliefs. This talk over laps the mythology of Anglo Saxon England before christianity and the day to day life. Includes readings from my novel (for Primary school children - Shield Maiden) Ideal for Years 5 to 6


What to think about when writing a Time Travel Story A creative writing workshop. We look at Time Travel - its problems and its challenges from the point of view of writing a novel. Ideal for Years 7 to 8


Introduction to writing Historical Fiction Making the past believable. Looking at writing historical novels. Inspiration for ideas, researching the subject, plots and people, making it vibrant and alive. Where to go next. This is intended for Secondary schools.


The Great Fire of London 1666 By Permission of Heaven! A talk about The Great Fire of London - its causes, extent and the fallout from it. Can be pitched at Primary school or adapted for secondary schools.


The ins and outs of getting published - by a self published author "I would be grateful if you would consider my novel." So you have written a book - where to go next. Researching the market, spotting the next big thing. Writing a proposal. Agents, publishers, Print on Demand, Small press and self publishing. This is intended for secondary schools in GCSE and later years as well as adult writers groups etc.



Daytime: Subject to prior bookings etc I am typically available every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon from circa 1pm. I can possibly arrange to be free at other times but that is subject to enough notice being given.

Nights and Weekends: please check with me.


Charges (Revised October 2015)

Generally I have to use up time I could be working in to do the visit (or book time off work) so I feel that a modest fee is appropiate.


For one presentation of circa 60 to 90 minutes (maybe including a break if at a school) I charge £30 to £40+VAT


For a half day perhaps including two presentations of up to 60 to 90 minutes each. Charge £50 to £70+VAT


Full day. Maybe including speaking at morning assembly then up to four sessions of up to 60 / 90 minutes each. Charge £90 to £130+VAT


Schools buying my books: If a school Library is willing to buy books directly from me at £6 each I will accept the order of books as part payment for the apprearance fee. IE Buy 5 books at £6 each - I will deduct £30 from the fee.


Travel costs

In addition to the fee for the presentation I may charge travel costs depndant on distance.

Assuming I am available, I am willing to attend venues in the West Midlands and immediate area for no travel charge other than a cup of tea! For visits at a further distance than approximately 25 miles I would probably expect to receive reasonable expenses for mileage (Calculated at 25p per mile from Sutton Coldfield).


Selling Books at Schools and societies.


Unless the event coincided with a book fair where my books were being carried, I would bring copies of my books along for sale to the children or members should they wish to buy them. I do not push these - they are there in case some one wants one. The books would be sold at a discounted rate down from the RRP and I would advise the school or group of the cost of the books so that, should they wish to, they can advise parents. I usually send the school handouts to give the children in advance of my visit so they know the books and prices.


For more information please email me:





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Groups I have visited

Balsall Heath Society

The Black Country Society

Sedgley Community Centre

Quinton Local History Group

Frankley Library Group

Gornal Active Retirement Group

Andromeda One Sci Fi convention

Birmingham Science Fiction Group

Macclesfield Writers Group

Wylde Green Cub Pack


Schools I Have Visited

Sutton Coldfield Girls School*

The Rosary R.C School

Holyfield Road School

St Peter's CofE School Stonall

Castlewood Special School Coventry

Ashlawn School*

Coleshill School*

Alcester Accademy*

Smith's Wood Sport College*

The Friary Lichfield*

Lozells Primary School

St Joseph's Catholic Primary Lichfield

St Joseph's Catholic Primary, Sutton Coldfield.

John Henry Newman Technical College, Chelmsey Wood*

Chillwell Croft Primary School

Kings Norton High School*

Ilam C of E School Ilam

Valley School Oakamoor

Faber RC School, Cotton

Waverley School Small Heath*

St Peter's RC Solihull*

Windsor High Halesowen*

Blackwood School Streetly

Wylde Green Primary School


Secondary Schools are indicated by a * and primary schools left unmarked.