yesterdays treasures

yesterdays treasures

Available from: Mercia Books

ISBN: 97809564835-8-4

RRP: £9.99 (Mercia books price £7.99)


Also available on Kindle and paperback
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The Hourglass Institute Series:

Book 1: Tomorrow's Guardian (Out now)
Book 2: Yesterday's Treasures (Out now)

Book 3: Today's Sacrifice (Out now)



Everyone is searching for pieces of 'The Crown of Knossos:' historical artefacts which when assembled allow control over all of history in this and in the Twisted reality. The Hourglass Institute, Redfeld's masters and even the Directorate are soon in the hunt. One by one the pieces are found but eventually Tom and the others discover who is really after The Crown

and what their motivations are. It is only then that they realise the extent of the danger,

for 'Yesterday's Treasures' can mean the destruction of tomorrow.



Excerpt : The First 5 Chapters:





'...I totally loved Yesterday's Treasures. The characters were amazing and I adored how Denning managed to bring great chunks of history back to life and create this fantastical time travel story around actual events. It is obvious that he has done a lot of research into the characters, events and places talked about in the book. 

My final thoughts? Excellent! This series is a must read for time travel lovers, whether you're a middle-grader or a grandparent!'

The Slowest bookworm



''s exciting, it's got a great cast, it tells an interesting story and the character development shows a lot of progression from the first in the series.' 

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